Monday, December 22, 2008

i should have brought my own

Pike Place is cool, but I am highly disappointed in one certain establishment. Lowell's. Apparently it's been around since Jesus, but I was not impressed. Nathaniel and I went there a few days ago while walking in the snow and ordered grilled cheese sandwiches but asked to have a tomato thrown in there as well. Tell me why the hell these bitches charged me $4 fucking dollars for a god damned slice of tomato?! Is that even legal???? I should have just walked across the aisle and bought a $.75 tomato of my own and told them to just fucking cut it up. Bitches - it's a conspiracy, I tell you - conspiracy!!!

doesn't that hurt their beaks?

So my gay and I were walking around downtown the other day and happened across Ivar's on the waterfront. We went inside to get away from the cold, even though all we really wanted was fish and chips. Upon getting inside, we realized we could get the same exact fish and chips for about 10 dollars cheaper from the outside vendor. He ordered prawns and chips and I got new cajun style fish and chips - wicked good!! Anyfish, we head over to the enclosed seating area that's made of plexi-glass windows and filled with plenty of heaters. We sit down and immediately notice there are about 5 pigeons roaming around, stuck inside. But things didn't get really exciting until the pigeons starting flying full speed into the windows and promptly falling down with that calm head bob as if nothing happened. I almost died laughing when I figured out what had happened. We even tried throwing fries at them to lure them towards the door to let them out, but they wouldn't even follow us - they just kept flying themselved directly into the glass. All I could think about was The Bee Movie's classic line, "Maybe this time...Maybe this time...Maybe this time..." Fuckin stupid birds...

i have to look at it

I'm so curious!!

What kind of life is that?!

fukkin finally

I haven't written in forever. Forgive me. It's been quite the 2 months, I assure you. Between Caribbean vacations, car crashes, less than dim pigeons, Seattle storms and a $4 slice of tomato, I've been more than busy.... Stay tuned for updates of it all!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

why are guys so weird?

Tricia said it the best with, "I think it has to do with the whole penis thing...."

Classic Tricia.

my posse's on broadway

Being born and raised in Seattle gives me a deep appreciation of all things Broadway. From the students crawling at Seattle Central to Dick's to the Hendrix statue to the panhandler's witty signs... I love this place! I don't know how many times I have ended up there at 2 in the morning after a night of drinking, devouring a Dick's Deluxe at the outside counter, after having given my fries to the homeless guy and his dog sitting by the newspaper stands. I can't imagine what it would be like without the diversity of the dodge ball players at the tennis courts, with their knee high socks, afros, yellow rubber balls and boom boxes. Once I even saw a skateboarder wearing a rabbit costume head while he rode back and forth, dodging random cars and homeless people!
Although I've enjoyed the quirks of Broadway for many years, I have discovered a few more reasons to love it. I got home from work the other night and it was one of those nights where you just want to get dressed up and have a few drinks and pretend like you don't have to work the next day. So with my gay by my side, I headed directly for Broadway and we ended up at the Broadway Grill. We walked in and the place was decked out for Halloween with pumpkins everywhere and fake spider webs and costume contest fliers. We were seated right away and everyone was really nice. Other than the wait staff being a little slow (due to the heavy volume), everything was really great. We started with one of those spinach-artichoke-jalapeƱo dips with pita bread, which was good, but I think they left out the jalapeƱos. Nathaniel ordered a Dungeness crab sandwich and I got fish and chips. Both dishes were huge, tasted amazing, and were reasonably priced. We even got to chatting up our neighboring table a bit. To say the least, we were having a great time. Then, after we had finished eating, we were having a discussion that looped from how hot one of the line cooks was to where we are going to go dancing on Halloween to his new love interest to who we consider to be appropriate candidates for anxiety or depression meds (don't ask). All the sudden the not so hot line cook let out the loudest burp, and we both stopped talking and just stared at each other, while looking at the cook with our peripherals. I couldn't even say anything, but the ever witty Nathaniel says, without missing a beat, "And he just cooked our food." Totally sick.
On another note, we also stopped into Trendy Wendy, which is a little hole in the wall clothing store that also sells a lot of trendy accessories. As I am leaving on my cruise in two weeks, Nathaniel and I thought it very fitting that I should happen to acquire some new pieces to take with me. We tried on heaps of stuff, and finally settled on 3 shirts, two hats, earrings and a coin purse. I also had my eye on the diamond microphone chain, but it wouldn't have matched my shoes (wink). Anyway, the staff was wicked helpful and funny, and played along as I told jokes at the counter. Right up until we realized we didn't bring our debit cards. Fuck. I really wanted those clothes too... Just another reason for me to go back to Broadway! Either way, the store was fun, current, and the employees were a blast... I can't wait to go back and get Trendy'd out!

Below are a few pictures from me on Broadway...

siamese fighting fish

You know, I'm a pretty lucky girl. I've got family close by, I've got a great place to live, I've got friends all over the world, I've got my health, I've got enough money to do the things I want to do. But most of all, I've got the greatest BFF a girl could ever have. I've never officially introduced my gay. And don't worry, he's not offended. He's known as Homie Lover Friend, my gay boyfriend, and my mom's (she wishes) future son-in-law. But most of all, he's known as Nathaniel. He is the light of my life and the wind beneath my wings.
So, basically I need to give you this preface, because I almost did the unimaginable. I kind of half cheated on my gay. During Pride weekend earlier this summer, Nathaniel and I ran into an old friend we hadn't really seen since high school and it was quickly decided that this old friend (also gay) and I would be hanging out in the near future. Fine. Good deal. This is the guy that took me to Sophomore Homecoming, and decided to come out just after dating me. Fucking fabulous. Gold star for my ego, eh?
Anygay, I tell Nathaniel about this meeting, because he has to be prepared, right? He promptly tells me, "You better not leave me. It'll be like Siamese Fighting Fish. You'll have to lower me down in a bag and let us smell each other for a while." So I assure him that I will never leave him and that I plan on hanging out and that's it. No funny business.
So the hang out begins. I pick up GJ at his boyfriends house in the U District. That was fine, but I have a pounding headache from no breakfast and plenty of coffee. Our plan was to go to my house, have some drinks and then make sushi. Well, I didn't make the rice the night before like I was supposed to, so making sushi was out. But drinking was still on the menu. We stop at the liquor store and grab a bottle of vodka and as we're driving home, he insists on changing my radio stations and turning up the volume and just plain messing with stuff that he shouldn't!! I'm not into picking fights about this, so I let it go. Until he lands on some stupid tweeny pop Hannah Montana Jonas Brothers blend that just makes me want to puke. He turns it up and I promptly turn it down with my handy steering wheel adjustments, but then he turns it up again! This went back and forth a few times until I turned it down one last time, looked at him and said, "J!!! I told you I have a headache - stop turning it up!!" And it starts.
The whole day was filled with crap like this. We got to the house and started making drinks, which I didn't even drink. I was so not in the mood when I got home. So we put on a movie - Angels in the Outfield. It's a classic, ok? Danny Glover, that 3rd Rock From The Sun kid, Maggie (who also played the Bird Lady in Home Alone), and JP (who meets the movie's entire cuteness quota!). Apparently though, GJ thinks the movie is stupid and complained the whole time that he forgot how dumb it was. This starts my furious texting to Nathaniel begging him to come over and rescue me. I've made a huge mistake, I won't ever do it again, please take me back!!
So then GJ and I went to sushi at Sushi Land and... Can you be any pickier? "Their selection sucks. Don't they have any spicy tuna?" Que the eye roll here. The drive home was the best... I put on my music. I blasted a bit of Li'l Wayne for his stuck up ass. The entire way he continued to tell me how much he hates Hip Hop. If you know me, you probably know this is the wrong thing to say to me. I side-glared him up and down with raised eyebrows and turned it up louder. I finally dropped him off and immediately called my gay.
Moral of the story is: nothing can calm me down like my gay. I swear, if he was straight, I'd totally marry him.

you're trying too hard

So I tried a new restaurant on Capitol Hill called Charlie's. God was it terrible. I went with my always present gay and all I could do was give him the "Are you fucking kidding me??" look. First of all, I fully believe in advertising what you offer. So when I go into a restaurant that's got low lighting, classy artwork, wing back chairs and 10 dollar cocktails, I expect a menu that reflects the same. It didn't. Not to mention the wait staff was terrible. We were seated by one person, gave our drink orders to another, ordered food from another, and our food was brought by yet another. When our food came with part of the meal missing, we didn't even know who to complain to. And just one table over was a group of folks who kept taking pictures of one another and flashing their camera right in our faces. I mean, honestly? Overall, it was just a bad night. Maybe we caught them on an off night or something, I'm not sure. But it was bad. Will I be returning? Negative.

from the mind of a twisted child

So I came across this book that I started writing when I was 14 years old. It started out as just a blank notebook for me to take down my thoughts and ideas, but mostly my poems. It quickly became my escape. I've included here some of the poems that touched me the most after all these years... Let me know what you think.

hate me
cry with me.
make me yours.
envelope me.
wash my shores.
hit me.
hate me.
want me.
take me.
trust me.
take your time.
anger me.
please be kind.
twist me.
break me.
crush me.
shake me.
no time for smiles.
blacken my eye.
always riled.
tell me lies.
punish me.
mug me.
wreck me.
Love Me.

unable to see before me
i've given up again
trying to show him
all he's caused is pain.
unable to speak
ive become unuseful
becoming numb
my thoughts are turning dreadful.
you close your eyes
and dream
i fear the night
unable to sleep.
the dark skies kill
and rip me apart
i have only one thing left
my dark and scar filled heart.
the moon shines clear
but soon turns crimson red
dripping blood through the sky
these nightmares i dread.
these dead men arise
and wink at me
they're the only sane people
i am able to see.
the moon, now black
leaves these men
and my day, i regret
must start again.

you're all i see.
all i dream
broken promises haunt me,
while i watch the scary
movies on the inside
of my
not wanting justice,
it's just this...
wanting to be left alone.
let me learn this on my own.
cannot make you happy
when it makes me miserable.

its like a tidal wave,
erupting from the sea.
causing damage to anyone around it.
everyone begging for it to stop.
wishing calm would return to their homes.
this rose falls.
it's petals dried and dead,
stem breaking.
rain drops fall onto dark cold pavement,
dampening it,
creating a pool of ignorant ice.
ripples always start small.

blow away
admiring my scars,
wishing they'd blow away.
my memory relapses,
thinking back upon that day.
with my arm stretched out,
and fear in my eyes,
i sliced through the skin,
bringing tears to my eyes.
my river of tears,
burning my time.
unanswered questions,
burning my mind.
i thought my life
was my own work of fiction.
but in reality, i,
was my own contradiction.
too quick to say yes,
when i knew to say no.
doors slammed in my face,
just where was i to go?
unloved and unwanted,
in this cold and dirty place,
dead behind this smile,
too much fear to face.

the story of
my life.
again, i am
thrown in the gutter
like a pile of
they take of
me what i will
then they forget me
and dash.
betrayed by my
used by my
hurt by
unwanted by
the story of
my life.

burns like glass slicing
over the skin
showers liquid red
consuming me
my secret grows
i stagger
bruised by you
slender sister
dark from crack
dry through the liquid
her tongue says dirt
immense want burns the love

Monday, October 6, 2008

stick men aren't just for kids

Ever heard of these stickmen cartoons? They're pretty much everywhere now a days. They're usually pretty crude and politically incorrect, so if you're easily offended, then don't bother. I can't seem to get enough of these guys. But in case you're a newbie - here are some of my favorites.

To see more, head to!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


So what the fucks up with US Weekly magazine having their article "Stars - They're Just Like US!"????? Fucking obviously. They're not aliens. This pisses me the hell off. Just because someone is famous doesn't mean they don't do the same things we do! It's shit like this that makes people thing that they're NOT like us - because if they were, we wouldn't have to point it out!!! Jesus people....gimme a freakin break! I was reading the October 6th edition today and it showed a picture of Goldie Hawn and Kate Husdon at some party laughing and having a good time. The quote said, "They Laugh With Their Moms!" Are you fucking kidding me?! They laugh with their moms?! Why wouldn't they laugh with their moms?? I'm sure Kate really said to herself, "Now that I'm such a celebrity, I'm way too good to laugh with my mom like the common folk do." They also had a picture of Lindsay Price reading a paper and eating some dessert looking thing. The quote said, "They Read While They Snack!" Really?! Apparantly, when you morph into Celebrity Status, you lose all ability to multi-task. Honestly...I am rolling my eyes at this shit. And we wonder why people are obsessed with celebrities...

question of the day

If you aren't particularly religious, don't attend church, don't pray or read the Bible... is it necessary to capitalize the word God? After writing my previous blog, I realized that I had capitalized it. And that orginally, I hadn't capitalized it, but changed it. Makes me wonder - if you don't necessarily believe in God, do you have to make it look significant? god. I think I like it better lower case (P.S. why is there no word for 'lower case'?!) And why do we capitalize Bible too? I realized that I did that earlier in this blog. bible. I like the way they look in lower case, but for some reason, I do feel compelled to capitalize. Hmmmm.... any ideas?

UPDATE: Discussed this question with Nathaniel last night, and he made a good point. Whether or not you believe in God really isn't the point. The fact that God is a name means it should be capitalized. We don't necessarily believe in the Greek Gods like Zeus or Athena, but we capitalize them too, right? So, all in all, looks like capitalizing names is key. Point taken.

know what I hate?

Baby talk. What is the deal with women who talk like this??? I have yet to find a man who does it, Thank God. But I mean honestly, it's annoying as hell. It's grating on my ears and makes me want to slap someone. Now, I'm not talking about when you coo at an infant. I'm talking about fully grown adult women. Well, they look adult. Obviously there is something that never quite grew up, eh? I have known many a women in my day that talk like this - sometimes all the time, sometimes only about certain things, and sometimes they just have that high pitched voice that makes me wanna rip their vocal chords out. Those are the worst, because even though they may be incredibly smart, the way they talk makes them sound forever 12. I understand you can't really change the way you speak - I mean you can, transgender folks do it all the time - but unless you have a reason to, it's not something you'd think to do. But maybe we should have classes, huh? Like special trainings that people have to go to. When you have a lisp as a kid, they send you to a speech therapist. Why not have speech therapy for adults who can't snap out of this God awful state? That's all I'm sayin....

Monday, September 29, 2008

acapella at it's best

As you may or may not know, I'm a music freak. And I mean freak. I've been known to listen to everything from Frank Zappa to Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin to Fiona Apple, Keith Sweat to Slick Rick. The reason I bring this up: I miss music. Anyone see where she went? Remember the days when bands and artists started on the street corners, singing and playing for anyone who would listen? Remember when selling tapes out of your trunk was the only form of marketing? Since when does going on tv, having someone else do your hair and make up and singing someone else's songs make you an artist?! Since when does making a few words rhyme over someone else's beat make you an MC?! I can't understand this. I'm looking around at Da Band, Danity Kane, Taylor what-in-the-hell-were-they-thinking Hicks, Yung Berg, Lil Mama... I just do not understand!! I remember when battling was a way to show your love of the culture, community, the art of Hip Hop. Now it's the breeding ground for violence and aggression. Why? I think the main problem here in the confusion between Hip Hop and Rap. Many don't know the difference, or that there even is a difference. But rest assured, there is. I understand Rap's mentality of wanting money and/or fame, the aggression that comes with the Rap lifestyle and background. However, Hip Hop - true Hip Hop - is not Rap. I feel that all great Hip Hop artists can also be rappers. But rappers aren't necessarily Hip Hop. Pardon me for saying, but being a great Hip Hop artist takes a good deal of knowledge, education, lyrical genious, wit, humor, love, acceptance, understanding, fun and hardwork, among other things. Seems like nowadays, if you can catch the beat and know two words that rhyme, you've got a record deal. If you've got the look that people have mistakenly identified with being associated with the Hip Hop culture, then you've got a record. I'm sick of it, quite honestly. I'm tired of having to defend "Rap" music because people don't know the difference between the two. Sure, I enjoy my deal of Rap music as well. I like the bland lyrics and watered down beats that all the sound the same, but get the people dancing. I like cruising in my car listening to the radio just as much as the next guy, but.... I guess I just miss real artistry. I miss the 80's and 90's, when music took real talent. I miss stuff like this.... - Stop, Look, Listen by MC Lyte who is seriously one of the greatest lyricists in the Hip Hop game, and one of my personal favorites. One of, if not the, queens of Hip Hop in the 80's - MC Lyte brought a raw and uncut style of rhyming to the stage. Still making hits today, she is a true pioneer of the art of MCing. - If I Ever Fall In Love Again (Acapella) by Shai is one of the best 'boy band' songs of the 90's. Along side Soul 4 Real, Boyz II Men, Jodeci and many others, Shai showed real talent. Although they aren't together anymore, songs like this remind me of the 'good old days'. - The Show by Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew, which included Ricky D - who later changed his name to Slick Rick - and DJs Barry B and Chill Will. This song is the epitome of Hip Hop. It's fun, witty, and the talent it takes for Doug E. Fresh, the Human Beat Boxer, to create the sounds he does with his mouth is absolutely incredible. If you don't agree this is amazing, then check your pulse, 'cause you must be dead!! - Cinderfella by Dana Dane is the perfect Old Skool Hip Hop song. It's all about telling a story, and in this case, it's Dana Dane's version of the classic tale. His flow, style and character are nothing short of brilliant. This is definitely one of those songs that can always put me in a good mood!

well ya, it has bangs!

Are animated animals the devil? I vote yes. I went to The Rainforest Cafe this weekend, and I gotta say, it even scared me. The Rainforest Cafe is a restaurant that features animated elephants, snakes, alligators, gorillas, and other random rainforest animals in addition to huge fish tanks spread around the restaurant. Not only are these animals are so jerky and fake looking that you'd have to be 4 to believe they were cool, it made me wonder who in the world sits around a conference table and makes up a restaurant like this (which could be a really cool idea) and decides to hire the guy that makes gorilla suits out of Gladiator chests and and black horse hair? Correct me if I'm wrong, but if I'm paying someone to create the one thing in my restaurant that makes it what it is, I'm going to damn well make sure that the glue holding the hair on isn't showing. Needless to say, I think I saw about 3 children cry at the creepy gorillas, especially the baby one hanging from the ceiling. However, there was one truly great thing about them. The only thing that indicated whether they were male or female were their boobs. If they were tight and muscular, they were male. If they were deflated and saggy, they were female. Rude, right? Who said all girly gorillas have to have saggy boobs? Anyway, I'm sitting there staring at a particularly creepy male gorilla whose long hair is hanging over its face and his gigantic arms are grabbing two trees in front of him, which he shakes like he's having a spasm when he 'comes alive'. With that being said, before I had noticed the boob differences, I say to Nathaniel, "I think this one's a girl." He doesn't even blink, he simply states in his gayest, "Well yea. It has bangs." I told him to stop because I was going to pee. I swear, my gay is the funniest ever....It has bangs....
Here are some pictures of the creepy gorillas. Notice the boob difference. Sick.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


So you're roaming around Queen Anne, looking for a great spot to kick back and enjoy a burger and shake with friends? Look no further than Flame. Walk inside, and you'll see plenty of small tables with the usual condiments on each one. Soda machine is to the right and the ordering counter is just beyond that. Nothing too drastic - until you realize the walls are covered in drawings depicting Flame. Every piece of artwork is different, as they are mostly original drawings - not the "color in the lines and put your name one it" artwork they put up at Shari's. In addition to being unique, each piece of art is just as good as the food. I ordered a Chicken Teriyaki burger with a vanilla shake. I was worried because sometimes when you order chicken burgers, you never really know what you're getting. Especially teriyaki burgers. Will the meat be marinated in teriyaki? Will there just be a big glob of teriyaki sauce on the bun? Will it come on the side? Alas, my meal came and I couldn't have been more pleased. The restaurant's name says it all, as the meat is cooked on a grill above a nice flame. The chicken was tender, flavorful and came in such a large cut that I couldn't even eat it all. All burgers come seperate from fries, so I ordered a small side of fries. They were good - nothing too out of the ordinary. The shake was good too - I like mine thick, and it measured up. I wouldn't say it was anything mind blowing, but I'd get one again. All in all, I'd definitely go back. The staff was friendly and patient as I looked through the menu. The location is great, and I had a blast trying to check out each carefully illustrated crayon drawing they had posted on the walls. Final grade: Thumbs up!

i love that...

Tacoma is so far away. I went to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium with Nathaniel today, and I must say - there is a reason I usually stay in Seattle. As we were driving to the zoo, I can't tell you how many businesses we drove by that made my jaw drop. Whether it was the Point Defiance Bar and Casino (that looked like a 1970's Hooker Hotel), the Zippy's $700 Payday Advance (that was literally a trailor on the side of the road), or the Bargain World offering $1 Chinese Food (talk about your killer case of bubble gut)... I just couldn't stop my eyes from popping out of my head. Do people really shop in these places? Obviously...but I mean, come on!!
Fast forward to the zoo - which is literally swarming with know, I propose an Adults Only day at the zoo. Nothing nasty, but seriously...what if I don't want to hear little Tommy screaming because his parents can't find the tiger in the brush? What if I don't want rude kids running in front of me and stepping on my brand new white tennis shoes? I love the animals just as much as the next guy, but parents, teach them some manners, eh? :)
Okay, so the zoo was actually very nice. It seems they have updated quite a bit since I'd been there last. It's got everything from elephants to monkeys, tigers, meerkats, walruses, polar bears, beluga whales, and an enormous aquarium section with a huge, and I mean HUGE tank for a billion types of fish, anemones, and sharks. They basically have everything the Woodland Park Zoo doesn't have, but don't have nearly as many animals as WPZ - no nocturnal or reptile house, no butterflies, no lions, no zebras, no giraffes, ect.... But it was nice, all the animals were out, I don't think there were any that we couldn't find. All in all, it was a good day at the zoo. Then, out of no where, I almost peed my pants. Nathaniel and I are standing there looking at a Barn Owl. It's behind plexiglass, sitting in a makeshift barn attick thing. Up walks a couple in their mid to late 40's. In one swift movement, the woman walks up, leans over the railing and slams her face directly into the plexiglass. She pulls her head back, and continues to talk to her husband about the owl. No comments about the face plant, the husband does not ask if she is ok, nothing that even resembles acknowledgement that this event just happened. Nathaniel and I continue to pretend to look at the owl until the couple walks off, when we burst into laughter. How in the world do you literally slam your face into plexiglass without saying anything after? It was loud enough that it caught me off guard a bit, and this woman acts as if she ignores it, no one will know it happened. All I can say is... I wish this kind of thing would happen more often. It was the highlight of my day - besides the Baaaaaby Beluuuuuugas.

Monday, September 22, 2008

things that make me smile

what to do with a million dollars

I saw a movie once in which the main character had lost his passion for just about everything. His friend tries to help him out by explaining that once, a counselor in school said, "To find out what you should do for your career...Imagine you had a million dollars - what would you do with it? That's what you should do for a career." The main character calls bull and says something to the effect of, "That can't be true. No one would clean toilets when they had a million dollars in the bank." I've been pondering this for quite some time now. I've been bored for a while, and I keep asking myself what I'd do with a million dollars....All I can think of is travel. So, according to disinterested friend's theory, I should do some sort of traveling for a career?
Well, I also was asked a question once, "If you knew you COULD NOT fail, what would you do?" I thought Culinary School.
I've though about being a teacher, a vet, a musician, a photographer, a cop. I've thought about studying psychology, anthropology, archeology, the arts, world history, music...and basically - all I can come up with is that I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I've got this weird feeling of the devil and the angel on my shoulders. One telling me "You're 23. You got time." While the other one says, "You should have gone to college. Now look what you've done." I know I'm young. I do have time. But I also should have gone to college. I'm stuck in this dilemma and it sucks. All my life I've been told I'm a strong girl, I'm persistent, I always pull through, and I know I will. I'll go to school. In my heart, I know I will - it just sucks right now.
Alright. That's all for tonight.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

my new favorite thing

Not sure if you've ever heard of this website before, but it's hilarious. I could spend all day looking at it and cracking up. Nothing special, just a bunch of very funny - and some not so funny - comparisons between people and other people and things. Anyway - just check it out: Check out some of my favorites....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

kickboxing kicks ass

So, I've started kickboxing again, and all I can ask myself is, "Why in God's name did you ever stop?" Of course it's not offical kickboxing. It's a class offered at my gym, so it's like aerobics, but our instructor is a real kickboxer, so she teaches us both Japanese and Thai moves, and incorporates them into our aerobic moves. It's great. Started training again, too, which helps. My schedule is packed again with workouts and trainings, and friends and family who are supportive. Too bad all the really great classes are at the stuck up Bellevue club where people are more worried about how their makeup looks than how their workout is going. And yes, I mean the men too. You know they're all metro. I mean honestly, why not just set up mini treadmills for girls to walk their accessory dogs on?? And why not put mirrors in front of the dudes that just want to watch themselves anyway? I walked in that place, and I swear it was as if more people were looking for dates than looking to get healthy. Are you kidding me?! No wonder I hate Bellevue....

Monday, September 15, 2008

with a little more clarity

So here's the scoop. I started a previous blog initially intended for my hobby of food critiquing. As I started writing, I realized that I want to talk about than just that. I am interested in a plethora of things, and why should I limit myself to just one creative outlet? So I've recreated my blog. And I'll just talk about what makes me tick that day. Maybe it's a critique. Maybe it's that I'm getting more and more involved in politics and loving it. Maybe I'll write about my latest favorite song, or my next travel destination. Who knows. But I've always been a journal keeper, and needless to say - this is way more fun than just hand writing in a book....

it's about damn time

Through creating this blog, I've realized that I thoroughly enjoy not capitalizing titles. If my Nana hadn't been such a grammar freak, and instilled it so deeply in me, I might not capitalize anything.
That being said, it's 2 am and I'm still up. I'm obsessed with this whole blog thing. What is it for? Is it a diary? When do you write in it? What do you talk about? Who reads it? Out of town relatives and friends? Locals? Random strangers? Who cares. I've come to the conclusion that I don't have the answer to any of these questions. However, I do know that it's been fun for the hour or so I've been trying to set this thing up. And with all the effort I put in, I better damn well get to writing something good...
word on the street is...