Wednesday, October 29, 2008

you're trying too hard

So I tried a new restaurant on Capitol Hill called Charlie's. God was it terrible. I went with my always present gay and all I could do was give him the "Are you fucking kidding me??" look. First of all, I fully believe in advertising what you offer. So when I go into a restaurant that's got low lighting, classy artwork, wing back chairs and 10 dollar cocktails, I expect a menu that reflects the same. It didn't. Not to mention the wait staff was terrible. We were seated by one person, gave our drink orders to another, ordered food from another, and our food was brought by yet another. When our food came with part of the meal missing, we didn't even know who to complain to. And just one table over was a group of folks who kept taking pictures of one another and flashing their camera right in our faces. I mean, honestly? Overall, it was just a bad night. Maybe we caught them on an off night or something, I'm not sure. But it was bad. Will I be returning? Negative.

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