Thursday, October 2, 2008

question of the day

If you aren't particularly religious, don't attend church, don't pray or read the Bible... is it necessary to capitalize the word God? After writing my previous blog, I realized that I had capitalized it. And that orginally, I hadn't capitalized it, but changed it. Makes me wonder - if you don't necessarily believe in God, do you have to make it look significant? god. I think I like it better lower case (P.S. why is there no word for 'lower case'?!) And why do we capitalize Bible too? I realized that I did that earlier in this blog. bible. I like the way they look in lower case, but for some reason, I do feel compelled to capitalize. Hmmmm.... any ideas?

UPDATE: Discussed this question with Nathaniel last night, and he made a good point. Whether or not you believe in God really isn't the point. The fact that God is a name means it should be capitalized. We don't necessarily believe in the Greek Gods like Zeus or Athena, but we capitalize them too, right? So, all in all, looks like capitalizing names is key. Point taken.

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