Sunday, September 28, 2008


So you're roaming around Queen Anne, looking for a great spot to kick back and enjoy a burger and shake with friends? Look no further than Flame. Walk inside, and you'll see plenty of small tables with the usual condiments on each one. Soda machine is to the right and the ordering counter is just beyond that. Nothing too drastic - until you realize the walls are covered in drawings depicting Flame. Every piece of artwork is different, as they are mostly original drawings - not the "color in the lines and put your name one it" artwork they put up at Shari's. In addition to being unique, each piece of art is just as good as the food. I ordered a Chicken Teriyaki burger with a vanilla shake. I was worried because sometimes when you order chicken burgers, you never really know what you're getting. Especially teriyaki burgers. Will the meat be marinated in teriyaki? Will there just be a big glob of teriyaki sauce on the bun? Will it come on the side? Alas, my meal came and I couldn't have been more pleased. The restaurant's name says it all, as the meat is cooked on a grill above a nice flame. The chicken was tender, flavorful and came in such a large cut that I couldn't even eat it all. All burgers come seperate from fries, so I ordered a small side of fries. They were good - nothing too out of the ordinary. The shake was good too - I like mine thick, and it measured up. I wouldn't say it was anything mind blowing, but I'd get one again. All in all, I'd definitely go back. The staff was friendly and patient as I looked through the menu. The location is great, and I had a blast trying to check out each carefully illustrated crayon drawing they had posted on the walls. Final grade: Thumbs up!

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